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COSHH Awareness

Contact with hazardous substances can affect anyone within the workplace, not just those who handle them regularly. Our ½ day Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) awareness course provides your employees with knowledge of the health risks while working with hazardous substances. This includes the requirement for COSHH assessments by identifying the risks and the control measures needed and ensure that they understand how to work safely with hazardous substances.


Course Content includes;

  • Current Legislation and COSHH Regulations, Legal duties,
  • Nature of substances & Classification of hazards,
  • Routes of entry & Target organs,
  • COSHH risk assessments & Safety data sheets,
  • Control measures including selection of Personal Protective Equipment,
  • Storage & Disposal,
  • Health surveillance and exposure monitoring.
  • Information sources and Guidance.

Fire Safety Awareness

Our ½ day Fire Safety Awareness course is for all employees, at all levels within your business and provides a basic understanding of Fire Awareness and Fire Safety. It covers how fires can occur and what to do in the event of a fire, including the practical use of Fire Extinguishers.


Course includes;

  • Legislation & the Fire Safety Order
  • Fire Safety Film
  • Fire Triangle & Fire Science
  • The behaviour of fire
  • Fire prevention
  • Actions in the event of a fire
  • Practical use of fire extinguishers

Manual Handling

Our ½ day Manual Handling Awareness course provides your employees with a good understanding and application of safe handling techniques, as well as an understanding of the risks associated with such activities to minimise the potential for work-related illness. Anyone who lifts and moves objects in your organisation can undertake this in-company course as it will make them aware of best practices and ensure they understand how to reduce the risk of Musculo-Skeletal Disorders.


Course includes;

  • Current Legislation and Manual Handling Operations Regulations,
  • Spine and Spinal Injuries and how to avoid musculoskeletal injuries,
  • Correct Lifting Techniques, Principles of safe and efficient load movement.
  • Safety DVD, &
  • Practical application.

Risk Assessments & Awareness

Our ½ day Risk Assessment Awareness course provides your employees with a good understanding of the need for Risk Assessments within the workplace, as well as how controls highlighted should be implemented.  Employees will learn how their organisation applies hazard identification, their hierarchy of risk controls and effective risk control. They will also learn about how to monitor, audit and review the documentation and control measures.


Course includes;

  • Current Legislation and  Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999
  • 5 Steps to Risk Assessment
  • Risk & Hazard Identification
  • Risk Control Hierarchy’s
  • Risk Control Methods
  • Risk assessment Formats
  • Monitoring and reviewing assessments
  • Recording and communicating risk assessments

Working at Height Awareness

Our ½ day Working at Height Awareness course provides your employees with a good understanding  the risks associated with working at height activities. this course covers the selection of appropriate access equipment, the hierarchy of risk controls, identification of danger areas and rescue requirements..


Course includes;

  • Current Legislation and Working at Height Regulations,
  • Assessment of working at height,
  • Hierarchy of Control
  • Access equipment
  • Personal and Collective Protection
  • Environmental Factors, &
  • Safety Films

Ladder Safety Awareness

Falls from height account for a significant number of workplace injuries and unnecessary deaths every year across a wide range of work at height activities. This ½ Day course covers legislation from the Work at Height Regulations. It provides staff with the general safety awareness needed for safe selection, inspection of ladders and stepladders for occasional use, or when using regularly.


Course includes;

  • Standards & Types (Classification) of ladder
  • Inspection of ladders & Ladder defects
  • Carrying and positioning ladders
  • Securing ladders
  • Maintenance and storage
  • Accident awareness
  • Alternatives to ladders
  • Practical Session