Engineer Firm Sees Higher Productivity and Staff Morale

Engineer Firm Sees Higher Productivity and Staff Morale

Shepherd’s Health and Safety works with a vast array of different businesses. From small sized businesses to multinational companies. In our case studies, you’ll find real-life examples of our Health and Safety projects.

More than just Health and Safety

We maintain a high level of health and safety training, but on top of that, we can provide expert opinion and suggestions on how to run certain parts of your business in a more efficient way.

Helping you get the most out of your business, in the safest and more resourceful way, is what we do best.


Small Engineering Firm based in North Norfolk.


We were contacted after this engineering firm became concerned about their employees getting regular headaches and feeling nauseous. After working in close proximity to a Vapour Degreasing process line staff felt unwell. 

This was affecting staff morale and absenteeism, and something needed to be done.

What Was Done

We analysed the processes and we pinpointed the problem; the Vapour Degreasing Line was not extracting the vapour sufficiently when moving components in and out of the vapour baths. The fitted extractors were working at the correct velocity levels, but despite this, the problem prevailed.

We carried out a comprehensive PUWER and COSHH analysis and determined that the equipment would require an additional extraction system to control the escaping vapours.

To add an additional system would have been costly to the small business – approximately £75, 000.

Shepherds Health and Safety looked at the businesses requirements in further detail to see if there was an alternative option.

We identified that not all their client’s components required going through the Vapour Degreasing process. The whole process was inefficient as only a handful of clients required the degreasing service, we also identified that all components were unnecessarily being Vapour Degreased purely out of habit from the staff.

We advised the North Norfolk engineer firm to decommission the vapour line. We helped set up an external provider for degreasing those components, as and when it was required.

Business benefits

By removing the Vapour Degreasing Process line, over £20, 000 per annum will be saved. The savings allowed the company to increase business diversity by investing in new manufacturing processes.

The production turnaround increased by 6%. Because of this, the company now has a larger profit margin.

Valuable workspace within the production area was reclaimed.

Health and Safety Benefits

The gas-fuelled vapour degreaser was removed, and so was the risk of a fire. The company now has less exposure to hazardous substances, and we eliminated all associated risk from the working environment.

Due to the improved working environment, employee morale and sickness records were dramatically improved.


A small engineer firm that was having trouble with a Vapour Degreasing Process Line. After Shepherd’s intervention, the plant now runs at superior efficiency and experiences higher productivity. Most importantly, staff morale and health and safety have been dramatically improved since the changes were made.

If this sounds like something your business could benefit from, get in touch with Shepherd’s Health and Safety for a free consultation.

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