Company Left Frustrated by Poor Quality Forklift Training

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Company Left Frustrated by Poor Quality Forklift Training

Shepherd’s Health & Safety Ltd is an RTITB Accredited Training Provider that ticks every box for small-sized businesses to multinational companies in the UK.

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More than just Health and Safety

We maintain a high level of health and safety training, but on top of that, we can provide expert opinion and suggestions on how to improve parts of your business in a more efficient way.

Helping you get the most out of your business, in the safest and most resourceful way, is what we do best.

Here is a common occurrence:


A customer contacted us regarding “free training” they had received recently from another training provider.


Their employee had never operated a Counterbalance Forklift Truck before. As the employee fell into the criteria for the free training offered, the employer completed the required documentation and booked the training accordingly.

The employee approached their employer at the end of the training. They had grave concerns over the content of the course delivered and highlighted that they did not feel confident enough to operate the truck without further instruction.

The Instructor had stated to the employee that the “Novice Training” was completed, after only 5 hours of instruction, and then left the site!

What Shepherd’s Health and Safety Ltd did

The customer contacted us to verify how long the training should have taken, which in this instance, would have been 3 days on a 1-2-1 instructional basis.

We were subsequently booked in by the customer and delivered the employees Basic Operator training, as per the required standards

As a fully accredited, training provider, we delivered the correct training, to the correct standard. This meant our customer received the appropriate level of training, over the specified period. This ensured compliance with current standards and ensured that employees operate plant safely. And, with our training Guarantee, there was less financial risk to this company.

Business Benefits

The risk of an employee sustaining a plant-related injury within this company is now greatly reduced. There will also be less damage to stock and related equipment.  The business will also now benefit knowing its stock handling and workplace transport operations will be safer.

Health and Safety Benefits

Both the operator and employer now understand the value of good training, undertaken properly by accredited instructors. Training has now been undertaken properly and rolled out throughout the company. As a result, there has been a dramatic drop in incidents relating to the use of forklift trucks. Additionally, operators now undertake the required daily inspections which has led to a noticeable reduction in Forklift Trucks breaking down.


The guidance stipulated in the “HSE’s Approved Code of Practice and guidance L117, Rider-operated lift trucks, operator training and safe use” is there to ensure that Fork Lift Operators are trained to the correct standard, by accredited organisations. the guidance is there to ensure that business owners have operators that are diligent, safe and understand the correct principles when using these machines.

If this sounds like something your business could benefit from, get in touch with Shepherd’s Health & Safety Ltd for a free consultation.

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