Carpentry Business Gets Improvement Notices Dropped

Carpentry Business Gets Improvement Notices Dropped

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More than just Health and Safety

We maintain a high level of health and safety training, but on top of that, we can provide expert opinion and suggestions on how to improve parts of your business in a more efficient way.

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Here is our most recent project:


The organisation

Carpentry business in East Anglia.


A carpentry business that made cabinets had a workplace injury. A workers arm was fractured in multiple places after it was pulled into an unguarded spindle lathe.

Because of the severity of the injury, the company was issued Improvement Notices with a timescale for compliance.

What Shepherd’s Health and Safety Ltd Did

On behalf of our client, we liaised with the health and safety inspectors and ensured that a comprehensive incident and accident investigation was undertaken.

We then helped our client implement the required controls which will help prevent an accident like this happening again.

In this investigation, we assessed the adequacy of safety guards on all the machines in the workshop. We also recommended how to get all woodworking machines compliant with current legislation so that employees can benefit from a safer work environment.

Business Benefits

As a result of our involvement, the health and safety enforcement officers were satisfied. They recognised that the client was doing everything that was reasonably practicable. The Improvement Notices were closed off without any further action being taken and now the business can work with minimal risk of injury.


Health and Safety Benefits

We have continued working with the client, reducing risks throughout the business as well as helping to improve productivity. Accidents have been reduced significantly and morale throughout the workplace has been improved.

Our client now has peace of mind, knowing that safe systems of work are being implemented, monitored and controlled.


After a serious workplace accident, a carpentry business was given Improvement Notices. With no time to spare, they called us in to improve standards and safety compliance.

Since our intervention, our cabinet making client has seen a huge improvement in safety with fewer injuries and close shaves! Staff morale has improved because the workers are now safe from injury, and as a result work productivity has increased.

All Improvement Notices were dropped and the company continues to meet safety legislation.


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