Who are we,

We are a Health & Safety Services and Training provider based in Norfolk, but we cover the whole of the UK.

“the definition of insanity is doing something over and over again and expecting a different result”

We like this definition, whether it is attributed to Einstein, Ben Franklin or Mark Twain. It summed up how we felt Health and Safety systems, as well as training, were being applied to Businesses throughout the UK. We asked companies why they were conducting activities in a certain way? By far the most common answer was “Well, we’ve always done it this way”!

Bearing in mind the definition above, without changing your approach, how do you expect to reduce accidents, reduce damage, or reduce costs? If you did take a new approach, it could lead to an increase in safety, efficiency and increased profitability!

Our mission is to provide you, our customers, with cost effective Health & Safety Services, which reflect your business, your organisation, your workforce and your work activities. We will achieve this by spending the right amount of time with you and your business with a view to forging a long lasting and trusting relationship. Which means we are committed to work alongside you, developing and improving your Health and Safety Management Systems as your business grows.

Where it started,

It all started in 1999 when Kev Shepherd qualified as a Health and Safety Advisor, Lead Quality and Environmental Auditor. An Engineer by trade, Kev utilised his experience, analysed processes or procedures for inefficiencies and spent a large amount of time challenging current working practices and procedures.
In 2007 Kev started Shepherds Health & Safety Ltd, which soon became one of the leading Health and Safety Services companies in East Anglia. Not long after starting, Shepherds was a go-to business for people all over the UK.

Over the years, the team’s grown extensively and along the way we have gained, and continue to gain, HSE recognised industry accreditation’s. This means we continue to meet the needs of you, our existing and future customers.

What we do,

Our strong advisory and instructional team, coupled with our good reputation, means we can provide you with Health and Safety Solutions to meet the demands of your business. We can tailor Health and Safety Management Systems to your needs and give bespoke Health and Safety Advice. With a diverse portfolio of over 450 courses, you can be assured that we can support your business now and in the future.

We have forged good relationships with companies similar to ourselves, so if we don’t have the exact services for you then we will put you in touch with a company that does.

And, to prove our commitment to our mission. “All” our training courses come with a GUARANTEE, if any student fails one of our courses in the allocated time, we will continue to train them until they pass successfully, at no further cost to you.

For health and safety services you can trust, contact us today.