Pivot Steer Lift Truck (ABA Category P1)

The Pivot Steer Lift Truck (commonly called Articulated, Bendi or Flexi) course covers: controls and instruments, starting, moving, stopping and steering the truck, hydraulic controls, battery care, pre use inspection, replacing/recharging gas cylinders, weight assessment, handling laden and un-laden pallets, driving on/off ramps and inclines, stacking/de-stacking in free standing racks and industrial racking, plus; lift truck stability and the operators’ safety code.

As a company you can decide whether your operators are registered with the “RTITB” or receive “In Company” certification. The standard of training delivered by our instructors is the same, regardless. However, we would always recommend selecting the RTITB Option when booking, and, receive the benefits of placing operators on the National Operators Registration Scheme (NORS). Please contact the office for further information regarding these courses or if you are having difficulty booking these courses online.

Course Types:


  • Novice Course (No Experience) 3-5 Days
  • Existing Course (Existing Operator but no evidence of formal training): 2-3 Days
  • Conversion Course (Certificated Operator on another type of Lift Truck): 1-2 days
  • Refresher Course (Operator holds, or has held, a certificate of training) 1 day

Select your Course Type and Course Level below to book online:

RTITB “P1 Accredited” Course

Pivot Steer Lift Trucks

In Company “P1 Certificated” Course

Pivot Steer Lift Trucks