Pedestrian Operated Pallet Truck

Shepherds Health & Safety Ltd is fully accredited to deliver RTITB Pedestrian Operated Pallet Truck Training (Pedop, POET or Stacker Truck) on your company premises. Since 2007, we have established ourselves as a trusted, respected Pedestrian Operated Pallet Truck training provider including training on the varied attachments found on these Fork Lift trucks.

Students benefit from the extensive experience of our highly qualified and RTITB Accredited Pedestrian Operated Truck instructional staff. Our instructors monitor students’ progress and development closely throughout the courses, to ensure that they reach the required Health and Safety Executive standards prior to their final tests. We teach our students to be competent and capable Pedestrian Operated Truck operators in your working environment, on your Lift Truck’s. This means your operators will be trained on the very vehicles they will use every day.

As a company you can decide whether your operators are registered with the “RTITB” or receive “In Company” certification. The standard of training delivered by our instructors is the same, regardless. However, we would always recommend selecting the RTITB Option when booking, and, receive the benefits of placing operators on the National Operators Registration Scheme (NORS).

The course covers: controls and instruments, starting, moving, stopping and steering the truck, operation of hydraulic controls, battery care and maintenance, pre use inspection, weight assessment, handling laden and un-laden pallets, driving on/off ramps and inclines, vehicle loading and unloading from a loading dock environment, stacking and de-stacking and where applicable to truck type, bulk and industrial pallet racking location systems.

Pedestrian Operated Truck courses vary on stacking height (Low, Eye and High level). For example, for High Level Pallet Truck Course Durations (for 3 people), please contact the office for booking these courses.

  • Novice candidate: 2 Days
  • Experienced (no evidence of formal training): 1 Days
  • Conversion (Certificated on another type of Lift Truck): 1 Day

These following courses can be booked directly via the online booking form below. Please ensure the post code options match the training address or contact the office if your Post Code does not appear (All Prices quoted Include VAT at Current Rate).

Course Durations (for 1-3 people)

  • Refresher (recommended every 3 years): 1 day
Book your course, Check the Post Code (if Applicable)